Headmaster's Welcome

"It is a tremendous honour to be the Head of this wonderful school"

Founded in 1881, Port Regis is steeped in history and yet it remains a community that is, at its core, forward thinking and innovative in its approach to educating young children.

Few other prep schools can provide the breadth of experience on offer at Port Regis. It is renowned for its exceptional staff and academic credentials, as well as its first-class facilities set within 150 acres of stunning grounds in rural Dorset. These facilities (that eclipse many at senior schools) enable Port Regis to deliver an outstanding holistic education that inspires the head, the hand and the heart.   

However, I believe it is the engagement of the heart, in education, that is foundational. I have come to understand that the best schools not only focus on the expansion of pupils’ intellects, artistic creativity or physical health. The best schools go deeper still. They nurture the character and moral values of their pupils. As a preparatory school, not only are we preparing girls and boys for life at senior school, but we’re preparing them for the great adventure of life itself. So, it is entirely fitting Port Regis has a compelling motto: ‘We seek higher things.’ It seems to me that this gets to the heart of the matter. Our passion is to help pupils hone an array of qualities – generosity and endeavour, courage and creativity, good manners and friendship. These things underpin a Port Regis education. These things propel Portregians far in life.

And an education such as this should not only be purposeful and stretching, but also great fun! The best schools should be joyful schools. Joy and wonder are integral parts of childhood and should be visible and audible in every corridor, classroom and playground.

We would love you to come and visit Port Regis. It is a very special place. You will find a school in a stunning location, with a distinctive ethos and a tremendous spirit!

Titus Mills

"It’s fair to say that Mr Mills is one of the most passionate and genuine heads we’ve met. Championing a truly joyful childhood sits at the top of his agenda, and he’s started as he means to go on."

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