See Port Regis in action

I’m delighted you’d like to find out more about Port Regis. Choosing a school for your child is a huge decision so we strongly recommend a visit in person. During your tour, you’ll get a feel for what makes Port Regis so distinctive – the happy faces, academic excellence and creative energy.

You’ll also meet Titus, our Headmaster, and he’ll be happy to answer your all-important questions, so you can make sure this is the right school for your child.

I look forward to meeting you.

Stephanie Fone, Head of Admissions

Our admissions process

Step by step...

Registration form

Please complete our registration from. This doesn't guarantee your place
but it means you'll be on our admissions list ahead of further applicants.

Taster Day

We'll invite your child to a taster day (including a barding experience if relevant).
This will give them the chance to experience Port Regis first hand.

Entry Assessment

During the Taster Day, we'll ask your child to do some Entry Assessments. These will test your child's innate abilities.
We'll look at the results together with their most recent school report.

Experience Day

If you are starting in September, we'll invite both you and your child to an Experience Day in late June
together with other new Autumn Term families. The day will end with tea in the Rose Garden.

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