Room to grow

Grosvenor is where our Year 7 and 8 girls call home. A purpose-built senior boarding house with a bespoke open plan kitchen and sitting room, this space, complete with a bespoke two-tiered sofa with room enough to seat all the girls, is the very heart of the house.

The four dorms lead off from this space and each girl has her own individual space (their cubie) which they can close off or open up as they choose. Complete with comfortable bed, basin, desk and chair and plenty of storage, they have everything they need, and we love seeing the bright and creative ways the girls decorate their cubies, with fairly lights, posters, photos of loved ones and other special items from home.

A family feel

After a busy day, the girls come back to the house to change and are greeted by our wonderful housemother Lynne, who, as well as providing a warm welcome and regular listening ear, ensures the house runs smoothly by keeping on top of laundry and maintaining stocks of fresh fruit - as well as hot chocolate of course!

Houseparents Madeleine Handaji and Rachel Dale have overall responsibility for the children, as any parent would. Providing that valuable 'big sister' role are our resident gap students who are also highly sought after for their hairdressing skills.

Time to unwind and have fun!

We have a regular programme of activities throughout the week and and throughout the term the girls will offer their own ideas and requests, sharing hobbies and interests. Some of the firm favourites include Mindful Mondays, craft and creative nights, and no week would be complete without film night. Our Friday fun nights have seen the girls undertake all sorts of challenges from foraging walks around school, pizza making, themed fancy dress fashion shows, in-house discos and agility courses. Before bed, there's always half an hour to read and settle down before lights out.

Gaining independence

In Grosvenor, we aim to help the girls to become more independent so that they leave for their senior schools as confident, polite young women who have had the chance to fulfil important roles in a boarding community. The routine of duties and rewards for tidy cubies and dorms encourages the girls to take responsibility, and the role of Dorm Captain is a proud achievement for any girl. The Captains meet with the Houseparents regularly to discuss the house and allows them to develop their leadership skills.

Keeping in Touch

The girls can make and receive calls from home every day, and the staff make good use of the house mobiles to keep regular contact with parents, furnishing them with lots of photos of boarding life! Parents are warmly invited to all our Saturday assemblies and positively encouraged to stay for lunch afterwards. For overseas parents planning a visit to the UK during term time, there are two cottages in our grounds available to book.

Holidays & Exeat weekends

We are open all year round except for the first May Bank Holiday of the Summer Term when children have the extended weekend to spend with families or their guardian.

When it comes to the holidays, we can arrange transfers to and from the airport, using either school transport or a taxi company whose drivers all have enhanced DBS clearance.

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