Leavers' Destinations

Our pupils go on to a wide range of co-ed, single sex, boarding and day schools. We do not feed to any school in particular and in fact we pride ourselves on the diverse range of schools that our pupils move on to.

We maintain close links with all of the leading public schools, with a view to understanding their culture and entrance requirements, so that we can advise parents accordingly. This also enables us to prepare boys and girls effectively for the relevant schools and we are proud that over the past three years we have placed children at over 40 different senior schools.

Scholarships & Awards

Port Regis is renowned for its success in helping pupils achieve scholarships and awards at their chosen schools. In 2021, despite the time remote learning, our pupils achieved 39 separate awards! This was the largest number of 13+ prizes since our records began, overtaking the 31 awards won in 2003. It is an absolute testament to the resilience and dedication of our pupils and the brilliance of our teaching staff.

Destination Schools

Feeding the UK's top schools
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