“As military parents, who had been posted to the north of England, and were soon to move abroad, we needed a school that would provide the very boarding experience for our children - and us!"

A community of service families

Choosing the right school when you’re posted away is a big decision, and we positively encourage parents to visit more than one school to be sure of their decision.

We are, however, entirely confident that Port Regis is a school where parents will feel reassured, included and fully supported and where their children will flourish.

We also understand the unique financial pressures that armed forces families may face and the administrative complexities of applying for the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA).

part of who we are

From Nursery to A Form, armed forces families are a vital ingredient in Port Regis’ ‘magic mix’ making up between 10-15% of our school community. They are part of what makes us distinctive - a unique and wonderful blend of children, providing a truly global perspective from a very early age. With numerous veterans and family members within our teaching and support staff and serving members and veterans on our Governing board, we have a deep understanding of the particular needs of, and issues faced by, our armed forces families. As well as a Headmaster who is a published military enthusiast who leads annual tours to Arnhem for our upper school pupils and parents.

Simple Fee Structure

CEA families will never pay more than 10% of fees - CEA can be complex, but what you pay isn’t. Port Regis has one of the most generous Armed Forces schemes of any Prep School. We offer a fixed and transparent fee to CEA parents who will only ever pay 10% of our fees, with the school providing a bursary for any shortfall in CEA contribution.

What this means in the simplest terms, is that your children can experience all the magic of Port Regis for no more than £1,180 per term (based on the fees for the 2023-24 academic year).

A Family within a Family

Whilst the military doesn’t define our families, the bond between serving families is unmistakable. Each term we bring all the children together, from A-F Form, for a hot chocolate or ice-cream, providing them with an additional circle of friendly faces and people to look out for and/or talk to should they need to. For parents, pick up at exeats and half terms, provide an opportunity to bring our armed forces parents together plus there is a private whatsapp group offering support and advice (as well as any obligatory banter!).  In between these times, there are weekly matches and every Saturday all parents are invited to join our whole school assembly before staying for lunch in the dining room. A great opportunity to meet your children’s friends and other parents.

Additional Benefits

Pain free applications - another great benefit for parents is our Fees Secretary Jan Lewis who, with her years of experience, can help you navigate the CEA application process.

Use those vouchers – our parents often save their vouchers (Sodhexo and similar) to use against boarding fees, school fees (up to 5yrs), out of school care and sports courses.

Don’t take our word for it. The reason most armed forces families approach Port Regis, and eventually join us, is the advocacy of our parents, past and present. Current parents are only too happy to talk to people considering Port Regis and sharing their family’s experience. Contact Stephanie Fone, Head of Admissions (admissions@portregis.com) today, to talk to some of our parents.

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