Altiora Petimus


  1. 1. The championing of an unhurried and joyful childhood

  2. 2. Extraordinary teaching that stretches and supports every child, enabling them to discover the discipline of study and the delight of learning

  3. 3. Exceptional pastoral care that nurtures pupils and staff, placing their wellbeing at the heart of all we do

  4. 4. A passion for developing the unique academic, sporting and creative talents of every child – giving equal measure to the head, hand and heart

  5. 5. Strong moral, social and spiritual values, for those of all faiths or none

  6. 6. A cohesive and distinctly happy school community that fosters a deep sense of belonging in the children, staff and parents

  7. 7. A vibrant boarding experience, equipping children with vital skills for senior school and life beyond

  8. 8. A culture that embeds in every child a sense of wonder for the natural world and a responsibility to preserve it

  9. 9. A global perspective that celebrates the diversity of our children and the friendships between those of different cultures and backgrounds

  10. 10. Kindness and tolerance, so children leave as capable and compassionate young people, inspired to play their part in making the world a better place

Our Values

We have recently re-written the school’s core Values. After much consultation, including discussions with the children, we have decided that these five words are central to school life and underpin so much of what we champion at Port Regis.

The children have also come up with a mnemonic to help everyone remember these important Values. The mnemonic is Chocolate Cake Gives Everyone Joy!’

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