Term Dates & Uniform

Term Dates

Academic Year 2023-24 & 2024-25

Summer Term 2024

Term Begins: 1900 on Monday 15th April

Quarter Exeat: 1245 Friday 3rd May - 1900 Monday 6th May
(School closed from 1245 Friday 3rd - 1600 Monday 6th May)

Half Term: 1245 Friday 24th May- 1900 Sunday 2nd June

Three-Quarter Exeat: 1245 Friday 14th June - 1900 Sunday 16th June

Term Ends: 1530 Thursday 4th July (Pre-Prep and B-F Form) and 1400 Friday 5th July (A Form)

Autumn Term 2024

Term Begins: 1800 on Wednesday 4th September

Quarter Exeat: 1245 Friday 27th September – 1900 Sunday 29th September

Half Term: 1245 Friday 18th October – 1900 Sunday 3rd November

Three-Quarter Exeat: 1245 Friday 22nd November – 1900 Sunday 24th November

Term Ends: 1200 Friday 13th December

Spring Term 2025

Term Begins: 1900 on Wednesday 8th January 2025

Quarter Exeat: 1245 Friday 24th January – 1900 Sunday 26th January

Half Term: 1245 Friday 14th February – 1900 Sunday 23rd February

Three-Quarter Exeat: 1245 Friday 14th March - 1900 Sunday 16th March

Term Ends: 1245 Friday 28th March

Summer Term 2025

Term Begins: Wednesday 23rd April

Quarter Exeat: 1245 Friday 2nd May - 1900 Monday 5th May

Half Term: 1245 Friday 23rd May - 1900 Sunday 1st June

Three-Quarter Exeat: 1245 Friday 13th June - 1900 Sunday 15th June

Term Ends: 1500 Thursday 3rd July (B-F Form), 1200 Friday 4th July (A Form)


We believe that wearing school uniform gives a child a sense of belonging and pride in their school, and supports effective teaching and learning as well as positive behaviour. To view our uniform list please click below.

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