A Port Regis Education plus so much more

PR Plus is an exciting new initiative recently introduced to our Saturday morning timetable. 

At its heart, Port Regis champions dynamic learning that equips children to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. For this learning to remain relevant, our curriculum must be both broad and ambitious. It must inspire not only the mind, but the head, the hand and the heart. It must stretch pupils within, and beyond, the classroom.

Historically, Saturday mornings have focused exclusively on academic lessons. The purpose of PR Plus is to create some more time to enable our children to develop new skills through a range of vocational, intellectual and collaborative activities.

As a preparatory school, Port Regis seeks to prepare children not only for exam success but, more importantly, to succeed in life in all its fullness. As our long-standing motto proclaims: ‘We seek higher things’. PR Plus enables us to do just that – with renewed purpose and opportunity.

Saturday Enrichment

Our PR Plus programme is an example of the tremendous range of learning on offer: from talks about Chaucer, famous works of art, Plato, entrepreneurship, anthropology, film making and managing one’s finances; to how to wash your clothes, make a bed and cook a crumble. There were workshops on first aid, fire safety, communication skills, Black History month and leadership, alongside creative and environmental projects, orienteering and community work in Motcombe village.


Our hobbies programme is renowned for the breadth that's on offer, every day. And with a choice of more than 70 activities, a mix of free and paid, children can experience anything from soap and jewellery making to beekeeping, campfire cooking and chicken whispering!

There are also extra games practice, maths and language clubs and additional ISEB pre-test support.

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