Giving children the best possible start

Learning and laughter go hand-in-hand at Port Regis and nowhere is this more evident than in our Pre-Prep and Nursery – the first stage in our exceptional education. Here children aged two to seven enjoy all the advantages of our prep school’s impressive resources as well as having their own highly qualified staff and dedicated facilities like our Rose Garden, outdoor learning area and playground.

Every day is an adventure

Young children are alive to the wonder of the world and want to discover new things. In our Pre-Prep and Nursery we actively encourage this sense of adventure, while also giving the children the best possible academic footing in reading, writing and maths.

We encourage learning through play, focusing on social, physical and communication skills. In the older years, we build strong foundations in core skills so they are ready for the next step in their education. Throughout these Pre-Prep years we make full use of our stunning setting and outstanding facilities, including a purpose-built playground, Rose Garden and Forest School.

The First Stages

In the nursery and reception years – which we call the HIVE (Home to Imagination, Venturing and Experimenting) – the emphasis is very much on learning through play. This is a time of adventure and discovery when children start their social journey, develop their own interests and lay down strong foundations in reading, writing, maths, spelling and handwriting.

Our experienced and passionate staff provide a stimulating and engaging environment. Our child-centred focus allows the children to use their own interest to fire their learning and development. 

We follow the EYFS framework in Nursery and Reception and all children have access to our EYFS specific indoor and outdoor learning areas. 

Year One and Two

In the older years (aged five to seven), we build on the enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning that we have fostered in Nursery and Reception, giving children a broad balanced education with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy. We embed these key areas of learning into all other areas of learning, ensuring strong links are formed. We use a variety of stimulus to inspire and engage the children in their learning.

We aim to develop skills and create a foundation for future learning that the children can continue into their prep school journey. By the end of Pre-Prep, your child will have received a thorough academic grounding and will have a healthy self-esteem and good social skills that all children need to thrive and form positive relationships. 

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