Mr Mills' Musings: 12th January 2024

12th January, 2024

Earlier this week, I stumbled across some dusty archives from the school vault that provided fascinating reading. I learnt about a modelling club in an old wine cellar, the archery club’s use of goose-feathered arrows, and a long-distance cricket tour to New Zealand.

In the 1978 school magazine I noticed ‘an unsolicited testimonial’ written by a thirteen-year-old pupil. As I read it, it dawned upon me that that child, Andrew, is now a Port Regis father who I greet every morning when he drops off his two sons – Max and Ollie.

What a joy it is to have Old Port Regians sending their children here. There are quite a few. And I hope all of them would echo the heartfelt words of that happy thirteen-year-old, from nearly half a century ago: ‘I have travelled far and wide about Britain. I have visited around 10 different prep schools, and have come to the conclusion that the happiest, best, and most luxuriously accommodated is Port Regis. We certainly have the best food, the finest large grounds, excellent teachers, and splendid living quarters. I have enjoyed my time here and say: ‘Three cheers for PR!’ (Andrew R).


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