B Form Geography Trip

6th June, 2024

B Form pupils travelled to Slapton Ley in Devon for their geography residential field trip before half term, where they enjoyed a fantastic week exploring the landscape and learning all about coastal erosion. As well as trekking the Devon coastline to study the different types of coastal defences, they sketched the landscape on Dartmoor, measured the velocity, depth and erosion happening in the River Lemon, and explored the Slapton Ley National Nature Reserve. On the final day of the trip, they put their history hats on and stepped back in time to discover what happened to Slapton during the Second World War, and the tragedy that was Operation Tiger, which they researched in groups and presented back to the rest of the group. Many thanks to Field Studies Council Slapton, Mr Murray, Mr Hepburn, Mrs Nathan, Mrs Miskin, Mr Hardy and Mr Stone for a wonderful and hands-on week of learning - and ice cream!

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