Learning difficulties can provide challenges for even the brightest and most confident of children, but must never define them. This is why learning support is intrinsic to life at Port Regis.

Our team of specialists offer personalised, differentiated support programmes to ensure that every child develops the strategies needed to overcome any weaknesses and attain the skill sets needed to do well at prep school level and beyond.

The School adopts a holistic approach with academic and pastoral staff working seamlessly together, which ensures that any support needs are identified as early as possible in order to avoid any loss of self-confidence and that every child reaches their full potential.

With a base in the centre of the school, as well as in-class support, the department is well-resourced and the team is hugely experienced, with highly qualified specialist teachers as well as a speech and language therapist.

As a team we support children with speech and language difficulties as well as those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, memory difficulties and auditory and visual processing difficulties.

All new pupils receive a baseline test free of charge which provides useful information. In addition, we carry out ongoing assessments and tests to ensure each pupil continues to receive the appropriate support, as well as maintaining close contact with other education and health professionals as and when necessary. Speech, language and social communication support are also available if required.

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