Talk Education Review 2022

21st April, 2022

Last term, journalists Nicola Cunningham and Emi Thorburn, from the publication Talk Education, spent a whole day here. Having experienced as much of school life as they could, and drawing on their discussions with pupils, parents and staff, they have written this glowing report which we believe encapsulates the distinctive spirit of Port Regis.

Their report opens with “It’s a place that shimmers and shines; hot on manners, hard work and integrity, yet dynamic and progressive…if you’re expecting a sleepy country school, prepare to be blown away.” It is a testament to the combined efforts of every Port Regis team - academic, operational and support - who make this school the exceptional place it is.

Their last line..."Parents’ biggest gripe about Port Regis? Finding a senior school that lives up to it."

Read the full reportHERE

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