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Motcombe Park Sports Club

Craft, Design & Technology


Some people have dreams, others ideas, all fuelled by inspiration from myriad sources. Some are good and some are bad. To have a dream come true is a very special moment: seeing your idea work for the first time releases some unforgettable emotions and create lifelong memories.

Our Craft, Design and Technology department offers outstanding facilities with which to achieve these dreams and with specialist staff at the helm we provide tuition for ambition. Most visitors hang around a little longer than they intended when they come and see the department for the first time, often wanting to have a go at laser cutting, steam bending or woodturning for themselves.

We can show you fantastic plastics, wonderful woods, magic metals, rambling robots, a few smart materials (and a few smart children to use them), not forgetting cracking glass and shocking electrics. Our gallery hosts a wide and impressive range of objects of all types that our children have made. Design and Technology scholarships to senior schools are commonplace among our elite group of ‘Supertechies’.

With small class sizes, parents can be assured that all pupils in all year groups can work safely and receive close guidance as they learn how to use tools and equipment not normally available at prep school level.

In recent years, Port Regis pupils have won Design and Technology Scholarships to (in alphabetical order): Bryanston, Canford, Clayesmore, Sherborne, St Edward’s Oxford and Wellington.

Here are some examples of our pupil's work:

Head of Craft and Design:Mark Dunham (BTech)

Head of Technology: Hayden May (BEd)

Senior schools comment on Port Regis pupils' confidence and independence.
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