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Armed Forces Families


We have many service families here at Port Regis and we are proud of our association with them.

The decision to place your children in a boarding environment while the family is posted away, is an emotive one. Port Regis has a full pastoral and academic structure in place to fully support your child and the family.

We understand that armed forces families are often under unique financial pressures with usually only one parent able to contribute to the household income. We can therefore work around the CEA depending upon the individual family’s requirements.

With reference to any financial questions you may wish to discuss, please feel free to contact us at any time. We understand the administrative complexities families face when they claim CEA. Generous fee remission is available for armed forces families, subject to entrance requirements, and is offered on a means-tested basis. 

Although my grandfather had been educated at Port Regis many years ago, I had set my heart on our two boys going to another, well known prep school that I had attended.  Following my head, rather than my heart – and with an objective nudge from my wife, I agreed to have a look at another couple of schools as well… 

"Accepting that geography played a small part, as we had friends and family in the South West, Port Regis won our competition hands down!  From the moment we drove through the entrance and set eyes on the stunning, sprawling, 140 acres of school campus, beautifully located in its regal Motcombe Park setting, I realised that we had found something special.  Already impressed, our minds were virtually made up before we even walked through the Mansion’s front door – because from out of that door bounded a young Port Regian who immediately looked up at these two complete strangers, broke into a huge grin and said ‘Hello!’ before running off. 

As military parents, posted then to the north of England, and soon to move abroad, we needed a boarding school that really meant it.  Port Regis is the perfect environment for young children to grow up and learn; facilities across the board from academic to music to sport are second to none, there is always plenty to do, especially at weekends – and, due to its higher than average staff to pupil ratio, supervision is excellent.  Our two boys, the eldest of whom departed for Marlborough College just over a year ago, have loved it and simply say of Port Regis that “…it allows you to be yourself.”  Our younger son started at 7 when we were posted abroad – and has never looked back.  We can see that both boys have grown up so much over the last few years, but importantly they are still themselves –nurtured by the School through values that mirror our own.  Port Regis really does seem to fulfill its preparatory role not just for the next stage, but for what lies beyond that too. 

We have felt supremely welcome whenever we have visited; parents are actively encouraged to be part of the school community – and match teas, not to mention many other events, typify a regular, happy social buzz.  We have less than two years left as Port Regis parents, but will always feel part of this school."

A current Port Regis military parent

If you would like to find out more please contact Lally Holme 

or +44 1747 857914.


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