The Port Regis Foundation

An ambitious fundraising project

Port Regis is a school that has been inspiring learning, and nurturing childhood, for one hundred and forty years. We trust that it will go on doing so for many years to come, so current and future generations will be able to look back at their school days with deep gratitude and joy.

Our vision has always been to provide an outstanding education that combines tradition with innovation, as it engages the head, the hand and the heart. We want Port Regians to develop qualities of intellectual endeavour, creativity, generosity, confidence and courage so they can go on to make a profound impact in the world, wherever it takes them.

Unlike many other educational establishments, Port Regis does not benefit from substantial endowed reserves or a large operating surplus. As such, in this 140th anniversary year, we are launching an ambitious fundraising project to reflect the far-reaching vision of the school and to ensure its future success.

There are three key areas we hope to raise funds for:
1) a dynamic new ‘STEAM’ learning centre; 2) life-changing full bursaries for children whose families couldn’t otherwise contemplate a Port Regis education; and 3) our ‘Green Vision’ of becoming carbon net zero by 2030.

Green Vision Our Green Vision: to put sustainability at the heart of all we do, with the ambitious target of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2030.
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