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AS Tracking


AS (Affective Social) Tracking is being used in a growing number of schools (including a number of destination schools for Port Regis leavers) to support proactive, targeted and evidence based pastoral care. 

We are currently piloting AS Tracking in the F, D, B and A Forms. Key staff within the school have been trained to use AS Tracking & also receive on-going training throughout the year. We believe it adds another piece to the pastoral jigsaw, helping us to build a more rounded picture of each pupil’s social and emotional development. 

Using AS Tracking data, alongside our existing pastoral processes will guide us in offering each pupil the right pastoral support at the right time. Each year, pupils will complete the assessment twice. This data will then build a growing narrative of each pupil’s “social-emotional journey” as they move through adolescence.

More information on AS tracing can be found on the following websites:

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Independent Schools Inspectorate